Showing cleavage in office - the worst fashion faux pas!

London: A survey has found that showing too much cleavage in office is the ultimate fashion blunder any women can commit.

In the survey by fashion website, six in ten bosses said plunging necklines were a no-no at work.

Women chiefs were most offended by too much cleavage in the workplace, with 65 percent saying it was their top pet hate, that is compared to 45 percent of male big cheeses.

Besides that, sloppy dressing with jeans or scruffy clothes was also seen as a huge faux pas, as did OTT jewellery, heels, fake tan and flashing a bra strap or thong.

Julia Rebaudo, head of fashion on the comparison site, said women must dress for success from the interview onwards.

“First impressions count for so much in an interview. Getting your outfit right is part and parcel of the preparation process,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

The top ten office fashion faux pas for women are:

1. Cleavage.
2. Frayed clothing.
3. Ugg boots.
4. Jeans.
5. Piercings.
6. Visible underwear.
7. Fake tan.
8. Stilettos/pointed shoes.
9. Bling jewellery.
10. Wedge heels.


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