Simpson to use `real women` as models

New York: Jessica Simpson has decided to used "real women" to model her fashion line at this year`s New York Fashion Week.

The voluptuous singer who often finds herself at the receiving end of media criticism for her weight, will use her friends, "real women in real sizes", instead of models, reported Huffington Post online.

"Jessica Simpson plans to unveil her latest collection for the media at New York Fashion Week in September, but there`s a twist," said a source close to the `Sweetest Sin` singer.

"Instead of using super-skinny models to showcase her designs, Jessica has decided to send her best friends, real women down the aisle," said the source.

Simpson has long had issues with her weight, facing harsh comments when she wore a pair of unflattering high-waisted jeans on stage early last year.

But it appears that the `Dukes of Hazzard` star has truly put that behind her and is embracing her new shape.

Her TV show `The Price of Beauty`, has inspired her to be comfortable in her own skin.

In the show, the blonde beauty travelled around the world, observing how standards of beauty change from place to place.