Skimpy dresses sign of confidence, says Donatella Versace

Updated: Sep 23, 2013, 19:13 PM IST

Los Angeles: Italian designer Donatella Versace believes figure-hugging dresses are a sign of confidence rather than desperation because it shows a woman is happy in her own skin.

The 58-year-old showed her new collection of skimpy designs at the Milan Fashion Week.

"When you are confident wearing certain kinds of clothes, you are more confident about your ideas and have more courage to say your ideas and your opinions, which are not necessarily fashion opinions. They can be opinions in many different ways," quoted Versace as saying.

"A strong opinion, and the courage to say it. Sexy clothes don`t only express `I want sex`, but courage. `This is me, this is my courage. You need to confront me`," she added.