Skinny model airbrushed to look fatter, causes furore

Updated: May 17, 2010, 17:06 PM IST

London: In an unusual reversal of trends, a size zero model was air brushed to look curvier on the cover of a health magazine, causing much furore and complaints.

The magazine that promotes "health and wellbeing" put Polish model Kamilla Wladyka on it`s cover and then added upto 10 kgs to her frame with digital retouching.

The `Healthy` magazine altered the body of the size zero model in an attempt to conceal how thin she was when she appeared on it`s April cover, reported Daily Mail online.

Jane Druker, editor of the magazine said that Wladyka had looked really thin and unwell during the day of the shoot.

The details on Miss Wladyka`s modelling card claim that she is a size 6, with a 24 inch waist.

"There were plenty of clothes that we couldn`t put on her because her bones stuck out too much," Druker said.

The airbrushing comes after years of controversy that has often seen pictures of models altered to make them look thinner.

And it will fuel concerns about the size zero culture, where increasingly slender models continue to be hired. Eleni Renton, of Leni`s Model Management, said, "When magazines start changing body shape, it becomes unhealthy. That girl probably should have been sent home from the shoot."