Sona replaces Preity as the brand ambassador of a jewellery brand

Mumbai: `Dabangg` actress Sonakshi Sinha has been announced as the new face of a diamond jewellery brand. She has taken over from Preity Zinta.

“Sonakshi Sinha is the face of the new Indian woman who is confident, versatile and has got tremendous self-belief. She has the charisma, grace, beauty and the attitude that goes perfectly with the brand image,” said RK Menon, COO, of the jewellery brand.

The 23-year-old is also associated with many brands where she is seen endorsing the products.

"I connect with D`Damas because I personally live each moment to the fullest and believe in celebrating life. D`Damas adds celebration to both ordinary and even the everyday special occasions," said Sonakshi.