Spring makeup tips

Spring makeup tips

Indulge in Awesome Romance this spring, with Divine Beauty

Spring Season implies more love and romance, as the day falls in a season where a pleasantly chilling breeze amalgamates with soothing sunlight and compels the couple to inscribe an epic romance for themselves! While not lagging behind on the aesthetic part – every woman wants to look like the gorgeous protagonist of that romance in this lovely weather. Now, be ready to implement this with fantastic tips of Ms. Renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Chairperson of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Bharti Taneja, who shares a sure-shot route towards uninhibited beauty in this awesome weather.  


The very first thing to take care in this season is to keep your face smear-free. Hence, the basic routine of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing becomes essential. This also makes way for smoother application of the base for a flawlessly done makeup. Choose a tinted moisturizer to be your base, if you are going out for the day, as it provides light coverage with adequate glow and does not look heavily decked up too. But, in case you have plans for night – a mousse foundation will be the best option for you. In both cases, remember to blend-in the base using strokes and in circular motion for a natural finish.


During day, you may use a pink or peach blush-on to infuse a dash of warmth on your face. Whereas, bronzing with a chocolate brown bronzer is recommended for the evening to turn into a diva. Remember, using blushers/bronzers is extremely important as it chisels-out your face out and makes the features appear sharper; while giving you a perfect jaw-line to flaunt on every spring-date.


Opt for softer set of peepers using subtle pastel shades of eye-shadows like; pale pink, glowing peach, soft green, turquoise blue for your day-time avatar. Compliment your eye- shadows with contrasting eye-liners; such as, cobalt & electric blues, emerald & bottle greens, hot & magenta pinks to add some more zing to your eye-do both in day and night. Follow this by applying waterproof, gel-based kohl on your water line to keep it intact during the entire fun. Although, a softer look is much preferred over the bold one in day-time – hence, smudging the kohl out is suggested to accomplish the same.


A perfectly painted pout in bright and bold shades is a ‘beauty’ to look at! To bring essence of this season – pick a hot pink, ravishing orange or divine red shade that suits your skin tone to complete your V-Day-makeup. These shades are sure to earn you praises – both during day and night – provided that you wear it according to your eye-makeup. So, be sure to keep your eye-do minimal if you are using a darker shade of lip-color; but if you’ve made your peepers prominent – use glosses having an amount of sheen in hues of pinks and peaches – perfect enough for your day-time date!

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