Taylor Swift struggling with fame

London: Country singer Taylor Swift has admitted she is often left confused by the strains of maintaining a normal life alongside her stardom.

The `Love Story` singer says she is often left confused by the pressures of dealing with her music career combined with trying to retain normality away from her professional life, Contactmusic reported.

"Sometimes I feel like I lead a double life. One minute I`ll be negotiating a contract and the next I`ll be at home with my friends," Swift said.

"It`s always been like that, even at school. I went to class, studied for tests and had crushes on boys, and then after school I`d go downtown to Music Row in Nashville and write songs," she added.

Despite having so much to juggle, the 20-year-old star insists she never crumbles under stress. "I do have days where I just don`t want to get out of bed because there`s so much to do but they don`t happen very often.

"The pressure never really gets to me. I`ve always loved there being a little bit of pressure on me to succeed. I thrive on that."



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