The Techno-licious Facials!!

The Techno-licious Facials!!
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The modern techno-savvy world we live in, is full of stress that makes us age quicker than we actually should. Moreover, the pollution we face every day damages our skin and causes the skin to lose its youth much sooner than expected. And, of course, we all like to look young and beautiful, but taking complete care of your skin in a hectic lifestyle can be very difficult too. May be this is why beauty salons offer several technologically advanced facials that are being done using active-incidents, which rejuvenate your skin and bring it back to its life!

Facials which use active-ingredients:

Technology is booming even to the minutest level of life; why spare beauty then! Today a lot of facials are designed to give the skin an extra boost and care that you can’t get at home. These facials help to gently & safely clean out the pores by removing black heads & white heads, exfoliate the skin using active ingredients or latest equipments/machines to accelerated cellular turnover, smoothens the skin, reduces pores and stimulate blood circulation to get the skin glowing & well nourished. Certain facials help in keeping skin hydrated & younger looking by working on the deeper layers of the skin. These technologically advanced facials promise lasting anti-ageing benefits too!

Beauty Expert and Director of ALPS Beauty Clinic, Bharti Taneja, reveals some of the technologically-sound and active-ingredient facials that help in rejuvenating your skin:

Q10 facial: Infused with a co-enzyme called Q10, this one is latest of all the tecno-licious facials. This enzyme is already found in our bodies, but it keeps on reducing as one ages. When used on your skin externally with the help of a penetrating machine, this fights and slows-down ageing by repairing damaged cells of your skin. It is done using Q10 products, which is fortified with antioxidants that are anti-ageing in nature and keeps your skin young forever.

Photo Facial: Photo facial is one such advanced development in beauty care which has anti-ageing properties. Done using a photo facial machine which emits flash light, this facial restricts aging of your skin making it look younger. Evading in to the deepest of your skin, it makes your skin wrinkle-free, rejuvenates it, while making it even toned too. It improves the collagen amount onto your skin; therefore, every woman can start indulging in this facial as soon as they reach their 30’s.

Mineral Facial: The active ingredients of this facial are loaded with various minerals like zinc, calcium, copper etc. that work on cell renewal process there by making skin fairer  & younger. The minerals are incorporated in the skin using nanotechnology which facilitates deeper penetration of the products.

RRR Facial: As the 3 R’S of this facial stand for rehydration, rejuvenation & regenerations, this is a complete therapy for aging skin. It not only works on the skin but also tones up the facial muscles with the help of face lifting. The pure collagen mask applied in end, supplies skin with 95% of pure collagen that improves elasticity & hydration level of the skin.

Vitamin-C Facial: This one is done using a gadget called galvanic machine, which is used to penetrate fresh fruit juice deep inside the skin, supplying good amount of vitamin-C in the skin. Vitamin-C aids in fairness & enhances collagen production in the skin cells. It also helps in improving elasticity, complexion & gives skin a fresh & glowing appearance.

Fruit Bio Peel: This facial causes deep pore cleansing with the help of several galvanic techniques. The papaya enzyme based peel used in this facial helps to remove a layer of dead cells more deeply & evenly thereby making skin de-tanned, fairer, combat hyper pigmentation & acne, scars, It is good for oily & pimple prone skin.

Instant glow facial: As the name suggests instant glow facial brightness up the skin instantly. Good for younger age group people aged between 20-30 Years.

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