Tina loses part of torso in ‘Instyle’ mag’s cover photo

Updated: Mar 18, 2011, 16:26 PM IST

New York: Tina Fey was seen missing a part of her torso and laugh lines on the cover of ‘Instyle’ magazine after she was given Photoshop treatment.

Fey, 40, who is also a writer and star of the NBC hit ‘30 Rock’, seems to be leaning on a pole with part of her midsection missing, on the cover of the April issue of the magazine, the New York Daily News reported.

And although the magazine seems to have made an effort to leave a trace of Fey’s cheek scar, all of her laugh lines have been magically erased.

It is quite a treatment for Fey, who in her poignant piece ‘Confessions of a Jugger’ in the February 14 issue, has been talking about how horribly older women are perceived in Hollywood and the awful stereotypes they endure.