Tricks to tame wavy locks

New York: Stuck with wavy hair? Is styling them the most frustrating part of your morning routine? Get the right shampoo and avoid hot tools.

Here are tips for taming that misbehaving mane, reports

Find the right shampoo: Go for a shampoo that suits your hair. You also don’t need to shampoo your hair every morning. If it starts to feel greasy, try shampooing your roots and using conditioner to add volume.
Brush your strands when they are wet: Avoid tampering with your curls when they are dry. So, if you do decide to brush your curls, make sure you do so quickly after your shower.
Ditch the blow dryer and other hot tools: Moisture is good for your hair, so leaving your locks to air-dry may take longer but it allows them to consume the extra water, which ultimately adds more volume.
Find a misting product or nourishing treatment: If you have fine hair, spray from the mid-section and down to the tips. If you have thick hair, start at the roots and proceed down to the ends. Flip your head upside down, continue to spray and gently scrunch your hair with your hands.

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