Tricolour dominates fashion in New Delhi`s Ramlila ground

New Delhi: It`s not Gucci, Armani or even Manish Malhotra. As action heats up at the Ramlila ground, the fashion conscious youth are wearing patriotism on their sleeves and literally so. Wherever the eyes go, just three colours dominate the stretch-- saffron, white and green.

The ground has given birth to a new breed of fashionistas who wear the tricolour with pride and panache to support Anna Hazare, whose fast for a strong Lokpal Bill entered its tenth day today.

Boys are sporting tricoloured face paint, bandanas, wrist bands, masks, badges, `Gandhi` caps and T-shirts with slogans of `I Am Anna`.

"It is not for fun. This is my way of showing my feelings for the country. It is not a cricket match any more. It is much bigger than that. This is also a way to tease the people who are against this campaign," said Animesh, a college student who donned the tricolour from top to bottom.

The girls are not far behind. Shalini Robin and her group of friends wore green white kurtas co-ordinated with green salwar and saffron dupatta.

"I planned my look for the day. It is not just for fashion`s sake. I want to show that I am seriously supporting the cause and so this is a small way of showing my patriotism," she said.

Giving them some serious competition are middle age people. Meenal Jha, 40-year-old housewife, wore a saffron-green bordered saree and pinned her pleats with a tricolour badge.

Her seven-year-old son also matched up to his mother with his orange T-shirt, green shorts and a small `I Am Anna` cap, which are much in vogue these days.


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