Tyra comes out with fishnet mask

New York: Tyra banks became a hot and funny topic on twitter when she wore a ‘super cheap’ homemade fishnet mask to a French Voge party in Paris and invited comments on her pictures.

The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ donned the stretchy, black criss-crossed material and earlier, tweeted about her quest to find a suitable mask for the Fashion Week event.

Banks, known for being a style risk-taker, followed up a few hours later admitting she was on to Plan B.

"So, when I couldn’t find a mask for French Vogue 90th Anniversary Masquerade Party. I made my own!” the New York Daily news quoted her as saying in a tweet.

After sharing two TwitPics of herself sporting the unusual headgear, Banks invited followers to guess just what exactly her bizarre - and, according to her, "super cheap" - mask was made out of.

Bizzare comments started pouring in as followers came up with replies such as hairnet, wig cap, one suspected curtains and few went to length of calling it underwear.

However, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ host later revealed that the mask was made of some cheap fishnet stockings.

"I cut (th)em up and made it all," she concluded.


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