Upcoming Nail Trends

Swetha Padmanabhan

A new year means new colours, trends and nail care in the world of nails

From Marathons to Nailathons, the large turnout at India’s first- ever nailathon proves that nails are turning into a big fashion accessory with creative trends seeping their way into the nation.

Robert Nguyen, a professional nail artist from the US and a judge at the event, says that neon colours are in, “Dress your nails in colours that really pop out like bright pinks and greens.” The playful shades of Silly and Heroine from MAC and Le Smoking and So Vain from Estee Lauder are perfect for this season.

A huge hit abroad, geometric shapes have now found popularity at home. “My favourite is the Squoval shape, which is a square with a slight oval shape to it,” says Nayana Karunaratne from OMC.

Nail art is another popular trend. Mumbai-based NailSpa Experience offers a platter of nail art such as caviar, velvet, feather, minx and stiletto nail arts.
After treating your nails to extravagance, it’s time to replenish them. OPI’s Nail Envy is a basecoat and nail strengthener with a clear and glitzy finish, that stays without chipping for over a week.

Before a basecoat, try applying OPI’s Chip Skip, which eliminates the layer of moisture and oil between your nail and the varnish to prevent chipping.

Robert suggests that the three simple ways to keep your nails healthy are: regular manicures and pedicures, trim your nails, and moisturise your hands to avoid hangnails.

Amyn Manji, Director of NailSpa Experience points out, “nails need to remain dry and clean to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Picking at the cuticles and biting the fingernails are habits to avoid.” To nourish your nails, he recommends the Sally Hansen vitamin and nail cuticle oil, along with their natural growth activator and cuticle cream.

For  those with sensitive skin and eyes (when you touch them with a fresh manicure), try Clinique’s A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin, a dermatologically tested varnish.