Usher longs to design lingerie

London: Singer Usher is so obsessed with sexy women`s underwear that he wants to design his own lingerie line for his female fans.

Usher is so fascinated by lacy undergarments that he indulges his fetish by purchasing bras and corsets from top luxury brands for his girlfriends, reports

Not just that, he has his own style ideas and would love to create a range of lingerie with his pal Tamara Mellon, who runs the fashion label Jimmy Choo.

"I love a woman`s curves, her shape, particularly nude. I really do enjoy that. And you should know that I am a fan of lingerie, I mean more than most men," said Usher.

"Tamara Mellon is a friend of mine and I keep telling her we have to do something cool together, like design a lingerie line though Jimmy Choo," he added.