Victoria Beckham`s five best fashion tricks

London: Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham says her designs are born out of necessity and one can follow her five fail-safe fashion camouflage tricks to make a style statement.

Her chic, polished look has a huge celebrity following and her ever-growing fashion empire is making profits. But far from designing clothes that are stylish but impractical, Victoria revealed that her designs are born out of necessity, reports

"These days, I`m up with at least one of my children most of the night, so I always wear a pair of sunglasses and a really good handbag,” she said.

"I love the fitted signature dress, and that`s a look that people associate with me, but then I also like to wear something looser, whether it`s a loose-fitting pant or shirt or whatever it might be," she added.

Here are Victoria`s five fail-safe fashion camouflage tricks:

1. The `up all night` cure-all: Victoria rarely leaves her house without her shades. A pair of sunglasses will not only `finish off your look` but will hide a multitude of late-night sins.

2. The loose fitting `post baby` belly top: The loose fitting top worn with a tailored jacket and slim fitting trousers will hide everything.

3. The classy cover-up: We`ve all had them. The fat day when you literally want to hide your body in a bin liner, the classy way to cover up is with one billowy sleeveless coats.

4. The bingo wings saviour: This clever tuxedo style cape jacket is a clear style winner, but it also cleverly hides the tops of arms.

5. The `lose 10lbs in 10 seconds` handbag: A great tip is to opt for handbag that is oversized. Not only can you hide behind it but the play on proportion will instantly make you appear smaller and slimmer.