Victoria Beckham wins `celebrity shoe idol` title

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2013, 13:35 PM IST

London: Victoria Beckham, who didn`t ditch her pair of towering heels even throughout most of her four pregnancies, has been crowned celebrity shoe idol in a new poll.

The singer-turned-fashion designer, who had once claimed that she couldn`t concentrate in flat shoes, grabbed the title leaving the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Rita Ora behind, the Daily Express reported.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kelly Brook and Jennifer Lopez were other runners for the best celebrity shoe style.

The poll undertaken by has proven that women are crazy about shoes since 15 percent of the women had lost count of the number of shoes they owned.

In addition, 11 per cent confessed that they spent over 100 pounds on an average pair of shoes.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of believes that the stereotype that women love their shoes is true, and the research done by them is to show how much women are willing to part with their shoes, and how they have been stacked in the cupboards.

Sources have suggested that many British women opted for Beckham as their top celebrity shoe icon.