Want to highlight cheekbones, try contour make-up

Los Angeles: If you have ever wondered how to get your cheekbones to show prominently, try contour make-up, say expert.

"Contouring is a great way to enhance the natural structure of your face and cheat a perfectly chiselled frame," celebrity make-up artist Sonia Kashuk was quoted by usmagazine.com as saying.

"The biggest mistake happens when contouring is recognisable. It`s about creating illusion with make-up and you shouldn`t see it," she added.

Here`s how to perfect the look:

"Start by finding the hollow underneath your cheek bone and placing the (contour) stick back towards the hairline. Then move it along the hollow until it glides off the face," Kashuk said.

"Applying in this forward motion will ensure the stick drops off at the most natural point. You can also cheat a more defined jawline by applying underneath the jaw and graduating down the neck.

"Make sure to blend out all lines with a brush in a round circular motion, softening the edges and making sure you can`t see where the colour ends or begins," she added.

Those who feel contour make-up difficult, here is an option for them.

Kerry Cole, Becca Cosmetics style director, suggests sculpting perfector.

"This product in particular uses a blend of taupe cools and warm undertones to mimic how true shadow would look on the face," Cole said.

To contour without a confusing face chart, Coles recommends drawing the brush, loaded with the product, along the perimeter of the face in one continuous motion, hitting the hairline, hollow of the cheek and the jawline.

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