Warnie’s new look goes to his ‘careful tweezing and tinting brows’

Melbourne: Shane Warne’s youthful new look, which has been raising eyebrows, is all down to some careful sculpting of his own eyebrows, claims a brow specialist.

Elaine Cheng, who works at Paddington salon The Brow Bar, where Channel 7’s Liz Cantor and Talitha Cummins go to get their face-framers shaped, said Warnie has dropped years with a bit of careful tweezing and tinting of his brows.

“He’s definitely had some tweezing and shaping. He looks like he’s had his eyebrows cleaned up and tinted with colour to make them darker. I think they have been tweezed very accurately, not waxed, that could have been disastrous,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Cheng as saying.

Warnie got tongues wagging over his dramatic transformation when he stepped out with Elizabeth Hurley to attend Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball last week.

One fan took to Twitter, saying, “He looks like a waxwork, all plucked and sculptured.”

But Warne rubbished any suggestion of surgery and Botox, tweeting that it was down to weight loss and using Estee Lauder beauty creams, a brand which has Hurley as an ambassador.