What`s in a comb?

Updated: Apr 25, 2014, 10:08 AM IST

Averil Nunes

Hair Expert, Coleen Khan, demystifies combs and brushes

From the wide-toothed wonder to the metal-barreled curler, combs and brushes serve different purposes. Are you using the right comb/brush for the right purpose? Of the many combs and brushes in the market, the five listed below are by far the most important.

In the combs department, you have the wide-toothed comb, with teeth at generously spaced intervals. Though primarily used for de-tangling. It can also be used as a conditioning comb. Run it through your hair to spread conditioner more evenly.

Another important comb, is the long-toothed pick or teasing comb, which helps add volume to hair. This comb is ideal if you have a perm or curls and want to add volume closer to the root level.

There are three basic brushes one can use. The round brush which has nylon bristles and a metal barrel, is excellent for blow drying especially if you want curls.

Then there is the vent brush, which creates volume and helps to give a root lift and direction to the hair.There is also the paddle brush, which is very good for detangling, straightening or flattening the hair.