When Eyes Do All The Talking!

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2014, 17:19 PM IST

Eyes are considered as most beautiful assets of a woman and they have a huge amount of potential to get adorned – to elevate any look. Be it kohl, liner or mascara every beauty product when applied perfectly on your peepers, are set to sweep others off their feet!

For aiding you a bit more on this aspect, Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS, shares some fantastic tips for a sultry eye-do.

*At the very start, remember to conceal your eyes perfectly using a matching concealer – especially, if you have dark circles; followed by powdering it well so that if your shadow falls below the eyes during makeup, it can be removed using a brush.

* When applying eye shadow, apply in the increasing order of the contrast of the color. For instance, use a lighter shade on the inner eyelid and continue with a darker hue as you reach the outer end. Also, while using powder-based shadow, remember to blend it perfectly, so that it lasts longer.

*If you have small eyes than use white kohl pencil on your inner eyes (water line) and apply a bold, black, line of Kohl on the outer lines (lash line) in order to make your peepers appear bigger.

*Mascara infuses an amount of sex appeal to your eyes! Make sure to apply your mascara inside-out – starting right from the roots. Also, it is preferable to apply single coats for your day makeup; while you can apply double coats if it’s a night occasion.

*For well-set, defined eyes, in the end, make sure to give proper shape to your brows with an eye-liner pencil, so that the eye makeup emerges as beautiful as your whole look. Make sure you do it strokes for a softer finish.

The article has been contributed by Gunjan Gaur, Executive Director of Alps Beauty Clinics