When Liz Taylor didn`t return Donatella`s ring

Updated: Jun 04, 2012, 08:49 AM IST

London: Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who died last year, once reportedly asked Italian designer Donatella Versace if she could try on a ring she was wearing, but then never gave it back to her.

The late actress, also known as Liz Taylor, was known for her love of fine jewellery.

"My brother collected vintage jewellery and I was wearing a ring that he`d given me - Elizabeth said in this extraordinary breathy voice, `Darling I love your ring, may I try it?` And she didn`t give it back! She put it on and breathed, `Oh darling thank you, you didn`t have to do that!` But I hadn`t," a website has quoted Donatella as saying.