When showstopper Zoa Morani slipped on the ramp

Mumbai: Zoa Morani, who started her career with ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’, slipped on the ramp while walking the runway as showstopper for designer Payal Kothari at the Lakme Fashion Week summer/resort. But she enjoyed being part of the tribal clothes and shoes.

"I slipped, yes! I am human and it happens I guess. I was enjoying so much that I forgot that I have to move ahead," Zoa told reporters.

Kothari, who hails from East Africa, showcased her tribal collection titled `Veruschka`. Apart from her clothes, the highlight of her work was shoes with wedges and wooden carved heels inspired by traditional African art.

Talking about her collection she said: "The colours that we have used are very bright. We used a lot of bright orange, yellow, aqua blue and we also used beaded work which is very exceptional and we have created wooden heels. We wanted to showcase more of interesting clothes but the shoe was the focus."

Zoa wore a simple orange coloured short dress and teamed it with accessories that symbolised the social and cultural facets.

She said that she "enjoyed being part of the tribal clothes and shoes". "I was very comfortable I love tribal designs and I am more excited for the association of shoe brand," she added.

Kothari said: "The accessories were picked up from Mauritius it worked all together."