Wine facial- The new natural way to rejuvenate skin

Amy Fernandes

We’ve had mud slung at us and eggs on our faces all in the name of rejuvenating facials. Here’s another one coming at you: wine facials. You can understand the splash of luxury in the Bordeaux district of France, but is wine really that fine on your face in a tropical country like India?

“Wine is wine wherever you drink it,” says Sujata Naik of Sakasti, the clinic which has been introducing this facial as a bonanza for a while. “And everyone knows of its anti-oxidant properties. So when you apply it to your skin during a facial, it`s designed to give you an instant glow.”

As facials go, dermatologists and medical practitioners recommend that you take them at ‘face value’. Which means do not have great expectations of long-lasting effects after a general facial. However, oenologists believe that wine has additional beauty benefits besides the larger health benefits of reducing cardiac related problems, strokes, colon cancer. It also has some rejuvenating properties for the face, in that it brings about a rosy glow.

Nonetheless, when applied to the face with other products in the course of a facial, such as with exfoliation, moisturising creams and facial masks, with the opening and closing of pores, it does leave the face clean and radiant. As Naik puts it, "Wine facials are rich in amino acids and loaded with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), vitamins A, B, C, E and K, potassium magnesium and other numerous goodies."

“However, you must be judicious with the quantity. Leave it to the professionals," says Naik, who advocates clear wine grapefruit facial for oily skins, strawberry or chocolate wine facials for dry and mature skins. There are white wine facials to tighten the skin, and pink wine facials for problem skins; all of these are delivered with dabs of moisturising, cleansing, toning and face pack rituals, not to forget generous doses of aloe vera gel. What wine facials actually do is introduce oxygen in the process of the facials, thereby giving your face a tightened, radiant feel. If that doesn’t bring the colour in your cheeks, maybe a modest bill of Rs 3,500 will.