Women fork out staggering £100k on make up in lifetime to look pretty!

London: A new study has revealed that women spend a whopping 100,000 pounds on cosmetics over their lifetime.

According to the research, which polled 2,000 British women, the sum equates to shelling out 40 pounds a week, or 2,000 pounds a year between the ages of 16 and 65 on products women are convinced will make them look prettier, reports the Daily Mail.

The study, carried out by natural deodorant company Bionsen, also found that 57 per cent of women would rather break up with their boyfriend then go without make up, and, in
Birmingham where the most extreme make up addicts were to be found, two thirds of women surveyed said they would rather buy make up than go on a dinner date.

A women’s cosmetic bags are crammed full with 130 pounds worth of cosmetics, with the majority of women keeping 16 items in their handbags at all times.

And in addition to those 16 everyday “essentials,” the average woman has 40 further products cluttering up bathroom cabinets and dressing tables at home.

It found that these at-home products were deemed to be ‘‘must-haves”, even if some get used less than once a year.


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