Woody Allen doesn`t understand clothes: Cate Blanchett

Los Angeles: Actress Cate Blanchett, who stars in Woody Allen`s latest film ‘Blue Jasmine’, says the director has no interest or understanding in the aesthetic of his characters.

The 44-year-old said the director left the responsibility of her character`s meticulously groomed wardrobe in her hands.

Blanchett then with the help of costume designer Suzy Bezinger crafted the disgraced Manhattan socialite, Jasmine, reported Vogue magazine.

"He`s been wearing the same Ralph Lauren sweatpants and T-shirt for the last 20 years and doesn`t understand why anyone would change their wardrobe according to their mood, or how they want to present themselves. He just doesn`t get it," she said.

But to Blanchett, her character`s costumes were crucial.

"There`s a tragedy to her clinging onto those threadbare things - a bit like Blanche DuBois trying to make herself as attractive and alluring as possible. Like Blanche, she has such a romanticised sense of self. Because of the internal pain, sometimes it`s easier to exist in a world of fairy lights and fantasy.

"One of the primary industries in America is fantasy, and so there`s a naivety behind that. And I think that makes Jasmine an anti-hero of her time in her way," she added.

`Blue Jasmine` is in cinemas nationwide from September 27.


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