World`s most expensive shoes costing £140K go on display

London: World’s most expensive shoes worth a staggering 140,000 pounds is on display at Birmingham.

The design is made entirely from solid gold and more than 2,000 diamonds.

They are the brainchild of British jewellery designer Christopher Michael Shellis, who has stuck the boot into Louboutins with his daringly pricey design.

Shellis has spent three years working on the creation, which is painstakingly put together by skilled goldsmiths in temperatures of more than 1000 degree Celsius.

Each pair is handcrafted from solid gold and then encrusted with 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds, totalling 30 carats.

“The aim of this was to create a unique form of jewellery which you can wear on your feet,” the Daily Mail quoted Shellis as saying.

“It``s a bit like if you found these on an archaeological dig in thousands of years time they would be regarded as a treasure - a treasure of the feet.

“But like any great treasure it will remain as beautiful as the day it was created and we even offer an ‘eternity`` guarantee lasting 1,000 years,” he said.

The shoes are part of a huge exhibition, taking place at the Artbox in the Mailbox, Birmingham, open to the general public from April 16 to May 2.


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