Young women failing to look after their skin: Research

London: It just take few minutes of time and effort to look great, but new research reveals that less than one in five women in their thirties believe that a good skincare regime is important.

According to survey conducted by cosmetic company Astral Original, 24 percent women in their thirties take the time to moisturise their body daily, compared to women in their forties, fifties, and sixties, reportedly.

Also young women are missing out a crucial step of their skin care regime with over half of women in their thirties leaving their make-up on overnight, compared to just 22 percent of women in their sixties who do.

“As a make-up artist I am concerned by this new research, especially that so many young women are failing to remove their make-up before going to bed. Not only will this clog the pores which can lead to spots and blackheads, but it can also age the skin," said make-up artist Alana Phillips.

“By leaving your make-up on overnight you are allowing your skin to have unnecessary exposure to the free radicals in the environment, such as from pollution, which cause the breakdown of collagen and results in fine lines on the skin.”

Phillips also suggests that “having a good skincare regime is much more important than any make-up you put on your face.”

“Removing your make-up thoroughly every night and moisturising your face and body with a tried and trusted moisturising cream is not a secret but should be an essential part of any women´s skincare regime,” said the expert.

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