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Quick recipe: Roti Upma

Quick recipe: Roti Upma

Here’s an easy to make delicious recipe with leftover rotis that can be ideal for your breakfast.

Recipe: Cabbage Paratha

Relish the typical flavour of the cabbage paratha.

Recipe: Healthy Zucchini Muffins

Try this surprisingly easy and fibre rich Zucchini Muffins

Recipe: Aloo pancake

Aloo pancake is delicious and makes up for a heavy breakfast.

Recipe: Banana Brownie

Check this yummy and tasty brownies.

Recipe: Almond Butter Sandwich

Nothing better and healthier than an Almond Sandwich for breakfast

Recipe: Banana Cream Pizza

Check this low fat yummy pizza.

Recipe: Masala Chapati

If you are wondering what to do with left over chapattis, then here’s a recipe for you.

Recipe:Bread Cutlet

Try this easy to make Bread cutlet for breakfast.

Recipe: Cheese Patties

Try this recipe of easy to make Cheese Patties.