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Christmas Special Recipe: Honey glazed chicken ham

Christmas Special Recipe: Honey glazed chicken ham

Try this easy to make chicken ham recipe


Recipe: Mini Sausage Quiches

Perfect dish for Christmas brunch.

Recipe: Black Cake

Sink your teeth into the richness of this cake!

Recipe: Cappuccino Cheese Cake

Classic cheese cake with a hint of coffee

Recipe: Baked Risotto

How about the classic Italian dish for christmas dinner?

Recipe: Boozy Oranges

Classic oranges with a new twist!

Recipe: Holiday Chicken Salad Recipe: Holiday Chicken Salad

Easy to make and yummy to taste.

Recipe: Stuffed Turkey Breasts

Turkey stuffed with sausages makes for a sumptuous meal.

Recipe: Apple Butter Bread

Gratifying and good to taste. This recipe is a must try this Yuletide.

Recipe: Fish Curry with Noodles

It is an appetizing culinary delight!