Arbi chapli kebab

Updated: Aug 14, 2009, 19:43 PM IST

Try this delicious vegetarian kebab made from the simple Arbi and yoghurt.


350 gms colocassia
20 gms turmeric
10 gms ajwain
100 gms yoghurt
20 gms ginger
10 gms red chilli powder
25 gms bengal gram flour
8 gms salt
20 gms garlic
3 gms dry mango powder
20 gms coriander leaves
220 ml oil


Choose the big pcs of arbi , boil & de skin them.
Press the boiled pieces of arbi from one side.
Season them with ajwain, chopped ginger, salt & chopped coriander leaves. Add red chilli powder, minced garlic, yoghurt & besan. Cook them on tawa grill & serve hot with sprinkled dry mango powder. Serve with choice of your dip or pudina chutney.