Chhath Special Recipes

Updated: Oct 22, 2009, 11:45 AM IST

Smita Mishra

These are some recipes typical of the sacred festival of Chhath. It is generally believed that they should not be eaten before those who perform chhath have made their offerings the Sun God. But they can for sure be taken soon after the festival gets over. Do try them out and you will discover a taste, which is really a treat to the palate!



1 kg Coarsely ground wheat
½ kg sugar/jaggery
1 cup mixed dry fruits
3 tsp saunf
250 gms ghee
½ kg oil for frying


Mix in a large bowl all ingredients including 250 grams ghee. Make round balls and flatten them into cakes. Deep-fry them in ghee. They can be stored for long and used as snacks.



3 kg milk
250 grams small grained basmati
½ kg gur


Mix 200 gms of water in gur and bring to boil.
Add a bit of milk and ghee to it so that the scum comes on top.
Remove the scum with a spoon.
Now add milk and rice to it and cook till the rice is done and the mixture becomes half.
Serve hot or cold.
It is the most delicious form of kheer you would have ever tasted!



I kg coarsely ground rice
½ kg sugar/jaggery(powdered)
½ cup saunf
½ kg ghee


Mix all the ingredients together and make round balls. Eat anytime.