Crazy cake ingredients

Updated: Jul 31, 2013, 14:12 PM IST

New York: When we think of cakes, we start picturising chocolate, butter, dry fruits and something sweet. But now while baking a cake, many are adding ingredients that one would never have dreamt of.

Here are some of these eyebrow-raising cake ingredients, reports

* Double decker chocolate cake: The cake layer contains beet, cauliflower, maple syrup, cocoa and flaxseeds. The top layer is tofu.

* Fudgy avocado brownies: Avocado is just plant butter.

* Chocolate lard bourbon cake: Lard is pig fat.

* Ketchup cake: The name says it all.

* St. Patrick`s Day chocolate cake: It contains mashed potatoes!

* Spiced tomato soup can cakes: A cake made of tomato soup makes many wonder why.