Galawati Kebab

Updated: Mar 10, 2010, 12:41 PM IST

Check out the sizzling Galawati Kebabs.


Mutton Mince - 1kg
Ginger Paste - 50gm
Garlic Paste - 50gm
Raw Papaya Paste - 70 gm
Butter - 50gm
Yellow Chilli Powder - 5gm
Salt - to taste
Mace Powder - 3gm
Choti Elichi Powder - 5gm
Rosted Channa Dal Flour - 40grm
Ghee to Shallow Fry


Mix all the ingredients except ghee with the refrigerated mince and mince the mixture. Divide into 32 equal portions and give the shape of patty/tikki that would 2-inch diameter then heat ghee on a tawa and shallow fry over low heat until both sides are evenly brown.