Gulab Jamun

Enjoy the delicious Gulab Jamun at every festive occasion.


Dhab( khoya ) :- 1 kg
Maida :- 250 gm
Elaichi powder :- 0.5 gm
Javitri powder :- 0.5 gm
Pistachio :- 20 gm
Saffron :- 0.5 gm
Paneer :- 250 gm
Suji :- 20 gm
Baking soda powder :- 0.2 gm
Sugar :- 2 kg
Pure ghee for frying


1) Grate paneer and khoya, sieve flour with baking soda.
2) Mix these ingredients and knead well to make a soft dough..
3) Divide the dough in equal portions and make round balls.
4) Heat ghee in a kadai, spread custard sugar on a tray, roll the dough bolls on the custard sugar and deep fry on medium heat.
5) Transfer to the sugar syrup.
6) Let them soak for 15 minutes before serving.


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