Keith develops lemon passion

London: ‘Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards has revealed his passion for citrus fruits.

The veteran rocker has grown a tree after planting pips from a lemon he bought in a supermarket.

Now, he disclosed on a US TV chat show that it has produced citrus fruit "bigger than grapefruits", reports the Sun.

The star - who gave up his favourite tipple vodka when he quit booze at the start of the year - even germinated the tree`s flowers by hand.

"Somebody told me that in the winter, when the flowers come up, you`ve got to germinate them,” he told chat show host Jimmy Fallon.

"So I end up with a little paintbrush, going round every flower. I wanted John Belushi`s bee outfit.

"I had nothing else to do - so what do you do when you`ve got nothing to do?" he explained.



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