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Khasta Dal Kachori

Updated: Jun 15, 2010, 00:46 AM IST

Try this easy to make recipe this Holi and surprise your guests.


¾ cup skinless dried black beans (urad)
4 cups flour (atta)
1 green chilli chopped
½ tsp salt
Oil for deep frying
1 tsp anise seeds (saunf)
1tsp coriander seeds
1tsp white cumin seeds
½ tsp red chilli powder
¼ tsp asaoetida powder


Rinse and drain the overnight soaked beans. Add water to flour and make soft dough.

Leave for ½ hr after covering the dough with damp cloth.

Grind the beans along with chilli powder, salt and spices to prepare the stuffing.

Divide into 16 equal portions after mixing it well. Divide the dough also into 16 portions smearing them with little oil.

Make them flat and roll out like rotis but on 2inch in diameter.Warp the stuffing into each round and roll into smooth balls.

Heat oil and slip the rolled kachori into the hot oil.Flicker hot oil over the top of the kachori.

Turn the kachori and cook until it turns golden brown. Serve hot with chutney.