Low Cal Christmas recipes

Low Cal Christmas recipes

There is no denying the fact that Christmas celebrations are incomplete without good food. Christmas is no longer the ‘tragic’ abstinence time for those who cannot afford to gorge into the savoury delights that the festival offers. You can have heavenly recipes on your platter, and of course, you can eat them too. Have a look at the following menu and try the recipes, and trust us you would love them.

Low fat food

Low fat cabbage gravy
Acorn squash rings
Roasted beet and carrot salad
Scrambled Eggs with chives and sour cream

Alcoholic drinks

Recipe: Mojito Mocktail
Recipe: Sangria Sparkler

Non-alcoholic drinks

Recipe: Margarita Mocktail


Recipe: Low Fat Oatmeal Cookies
Recipe: Coconut Cookies
Recipe: Sunflower Seed Butter Cookies

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