Try this recipe at home: Banana chips

Try this recipe at home: Banana chips
Pic Courtesy: Thinkstock Images (Image used for representation purpose only)


4 raw bananas

1 jar of water

Freshly crushed black pepper and salt

Cooking oil



Peel all your bananas, pour some water in a bowl.

Cut thin slices of your banana right into the bowl of water.

Heat the cooking oil in a wok.

Take out the banana slices from the water and let them dry on a napkin.

Once the oil is medium hot, fry the banana slices on medium heat.

Make sure that the slices do not stick to each other, keep stirring.

Take out the banana slices once they go golden brown and become crisp.

Drain the extra oil on a napkin or kitchen towel.

Sprinkle the banana chips with salt and pepper and store them in a jar to avoid moisture.

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