Nicolas Cage loves to eat meat

Updated: May 19, 2010, 17:43 PM IST

London: Nicolas Cage has revealed that he will only eat meat from those animals that have a ‘dignified’ way of having sex.

The Hollywood star, 46, says he won`t touch pork because he doesn’t like the way pigs romp.

Instead, he scoffs poultry and fish because he finds their love lives more tasteful.

"I love all animals. I have a fascination with fish, birds, whales - sentient life - insects, reptiles. I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex,” the Sun quoted Wacky Cage, who won an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, as saying.

"I think fish are very dignified with sex. So are birds.

"But pigs, not so much. So I don`t eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl,” he added.