Palak Anjeer Ke Kebab

Enjoy these lip smacking Paneer Kebabs.


1kg Spinach
100gm Anjeer
200gm Channa dal
50gm Desi ghee
10gm Green chilli chop
50gm Khoya brown
10gm Ginger chopped
05gm Coriander chopped
05gm Whole garam masala
03gm Mace pwd
Salt to taste


1. Boil channa dal with whole spices
2. Wash & Blanch spinach puree it to fine paste and fry it.
3. Fry channa dal separately without any shortening till dry.
4. Add spinach and channa dal.
5. Cook till dry.
6. Make stuffing with anjeer, mace pwd coriander chopped and khoya stuff the kebab with it.
7. Grill on hot plate or pan.