Rassmissey Kebab

This is an exquisite recipe made out of minced chicken with dry nuts and herbs cooked in clay oven.


200gms Chicken minced
25gms Processed cheese
02gms Yellow chilli powder
15gms Cashew nuts
02gms Salt
06gms Ginger
15gms Clarified butter
02gms Green chilli
05gms Garlic
02gms Green Cardamom
1gms Black Pepper
03gms Garam masala
05gms Coriander chopped
20gms Fat
01gms Caraway seeds


Take chicken boneless leg, processed cheese, chicken fat, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander, some clarified butter, all dry spices and mince them all twice in a meat mincer.
Divide the mixture in two equal balls and wrap them on a skewer.
Dredge them with chopped cashew nuts and almonds.
Cook them in clay oven tandoor.
Baste it with butter, once half done
Cook it till golden in colour. Remove from skewer and sprinkle some chaat masala and butter.
Serve hot garnished with lachha onion and lemon wedges.