Recipe: Aamrakhand

Enjoy the sweet Aamrakhand this season.

Ingredients :

Milk (Full Cream) – 1 litre
Plain Yoghurt – 500 gm
Powdered Sugar- 100 gm
Mango Puree-150 gm
Seasonal Fresh Fruits – As per taste
Saffron – Few Strands
Cardamom – 1 tsp
Almond & Pistachio Slivers – To Garnish

Procedure :

Boil the milk and curdle it using the cream formed while boiling.
Alternatively, if in a hurry, use readymade curd.
Drain & hang the yoghurt overnight using a muslin cloth.
Into the drained yoghurt gently fold in half the powdered sugar, saffron and cardamom powder
To the above, add mango puree and mix lightly. After adding the puree, taste and adjust the sugar as per taste.
Garnish with almond and pistachio slivers. Serve Chilled
This dessert is a great option for diabetics as sugar can be replaced with fresh fruit like apple, pomegranate or dry fruit purees like – Fig, Dates, Blackcurrants, etc.