Recipe: Anjeer paneer khaas

Updated: May 22, 2010, 13:15 PM IST

Enjoy the delicious Anjeer paneer khaas recipe this summer.


Paneer 60Gms
Fig 20Gms
Ginger chopped 10Gms
Cashew nut broken 10Gms
Raisins chopped 10Gms
Coriander green chopped 5Gms
Salt To taste
Garam masala 3Gms
Tomato pure 40Gms
Desi ghee 15Ml
Ginger and garlic paste 10Gms
Brown onion paste 20Gms
Rose water 1ml


Cut the paneer into 1 inch square dices.
Make a mix of figs and dry nuts, ginger, raisins and coriander chopped.
Sear the cottage cheese gently till golden brown in color.
Cut into neat triangles
Stuff the fig mixture between two layers of cottage cheese, like a sandwich.
Heat oil in a pan and add the ginger and garlic paste to it. Cook gently for some time, add the tomato puree and the brown onion paste. Finish off with garam masala and the rose water.
Serve on top of the seared cottage cheese.