Recipe: Ash Roast Sweet Potato

Last Updated: May 08, 2010, 13:47 PM IST

Experience the amazing taste of potato in the roasted form.


Roasted / boiled Sweet Potato cubes 600gms

Ganth Gobhi slices 01 No.
Mint chutney 80ml
Saunthchutney 100ml

For Dressing

Yoghurt 200gms
Mayonnaise 60gms
Philadelphia 60gms
Chaat masala 20gms
Roasted jeera 10gms
Salt To taste
Black pepper crushed 10gms
Coriander leaves chopped 20gms
Chopped ginger 20gms
Chopped green chillies 20gms
Garlic paste 20gms
Lemon juice 1 No.

Crispy Okra

Okra 120gms
Besan 60gms
Suji 20gms
Salt To taste
Turmeric Powder 10gms
Red Chilli Powder 10gms
Chaat Masala 10gms


For Dressing
· Mix all the ingredients in bowl

For Crispy Okra
· Cut the okra into juliennes add all the ingredients except chaat masala.
· Deep fry in moderate heat till crisp.

For Salad
· Mix sweet potatoes with the dressing till evenly coated

For Plating
· Place sweet potato chaat on a platter and arrange thin ganth gobhi slices around.
· Garnish with saunth and mint chutney and pumpkin seeds.
· Make a heap of okra on top of sweet potatoes.