Recipe: Barbecued stuffed pork loin

Check out this barbequed stuffed pork loin.


-1.5 kg rolled pork loin
-1 tablespoon olive oil
- 1 Apple cut into small pieces
- A bit of fresh parsley and rosemary leaves
-50 g butter
- 1 small chopped onion
-70 g unsalted macadamia nuts
-1 ¼ breadcrumbs
- 3 rashers Primo middle bacon finely chopped


- Fry the onion and bacon in butter in medium heat for 3-4 minutes. Add the macadamia nuts and stir it till it turns golden brown. Remove from heat and stir it with mixture of apple, parsley, rosemary and breadcrumbs. Pre heat barbecue on high with hood closed.
-Now place the pork in a board after removing string and slice crossways through the thickest part and add the stuffing. Roll up the meat and tie with a kitchen string. Place the meat in a disposable foil baking dish after rubbing with oil and a bit of salt.
- Now cook the pork meat using indirect heat for 20 minutes and reduce the barbecue temperature to medium. And cook for another 1 and half hour using indirect heat.
-Take out the pork and set aside for 10 minutes and serve with apple sauce.

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