Recipe: Bhune Gosht Ki Chap

Enjoy this mind-blowing tasty treat with your friends and family.


Lamb chop 3 Nos.
Tomato paste 20 gms
Broken Rice 20 Gms
Hung curd 30 Ml
Ginger garlic paste 10 Gms
Garam masala 5 Gms
Salt To taste
Desi ghee 20 Ml
Fresh coriander chopped 10 Gms
Raw papaya 20 Gm
Mint chopped 5 Gms


· Marinate lamb chops with ginger garlic paste, salt, garam masala and hung curd and keep aside for 2 -3 hours. Boil the rice separately.
· Heat desi ghee in a thick-bottomed pan and add the ginger garlic paste. Cook and add the tomato paste.
· Add the rice into the tomato paste. Finish with salt and chopped coriander.
· Place the rice in a plate. Cook the lamb chop on the pan and serve on top of the rice.
· Serve with mint topped as garnish.


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