Recipe: Brinjal Chicken

Updated: Feb 24, 2014, 16:24 PM IST

• 500 g Chicken
• 200 g Brinjal
• 3 tbsp Chicken Masala
• 1 big Onion (chopped)
• 1 big Tomato (chopped)
• Few Curry Leaves
• Salt (to taste)
• 4 tbsp Oil

How to make

Mix chicken with chicken masala in a bowl and keep it for 15 mins.

Heat oil in a pan and fry the onions.

Stir in chicken and flavour with salt.cook it for 5-7 mins.

Slice the brinjal into small pieces and add to the chicken.

Cook for another 4-5 mins.

Add in tomato, curry leaves and enough water to cover the chicken.

Cook it for another 10 mins, until the meat turns soft.

Serve hot.