Recipe: Burrito

Recipe: Burrito
Executive chef: Rishi Verma


Corn tortilla:-

Maize flour- 200 gms

Multigrain/refined flour- 300 gms

Salt- 5 gms

Chilli flakes- 5 gms

Oregano- 5 gms

Warm water- for kneading


Bell pepper mixture:-

Olive oil- 5 ml

Bell peppers- 60 gms

Tomato juliennes- 20 gms

Oregano- 2 gms

Salt- 2 gms

Tomato puree- 2 tbsp

Parsley chopped- 5 gms


Mexican rice:-

Steamed rice-30 gms

Bell peppers chopped- 10 gms

Tomatoes chopped-5 gms

Olives- 2 nos

Jalapenos- 3 nos

Peri peri spice- 1 tsp

Oregano- 1 tsp

Salt- to taste

Refried beans:-

Tomato puree-15 ml

Olive oil- 3 ml

Oregano- 2 gms

Mexican spice mix-5 gms

Coriander powder-100 gms

Cumin powder- 100 gms

Whole red chilli roasted powder- 60 gms


Make a tortilla base by mixing the above said ingredients, the should be soft.

Prepare a mixture of bell pepper by nicely sautéing them on a high flame, then add the seasoning and the tomato puree to it, cook it nicely and garnish with chopped parsley and keep it aside.

Prepare Mexican rice by sautéing all the ingredients together and season with peri peri spice and oregano.

For the refried beans add olive oil to the pan, add tomato puree and cook it nicely, add mexican spice and oregano and in the end add the rajma puree and cook it on a slow flame for at least 15 minutes.

Take a tortilla base and apply some mayonnaise/ yoghurt, add shredded lettuce, refried beans, bell pepper mix and rice, add proprietary salsa and roll the tortilla and grill it nicely, it is ready to serve.

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