Recipe: Chicken and cabbage soup

Updated: Feb 15, 2014, 16:31 PM IST


1 cup Chicken Pieces

1/4 cup chopped Cabbage

1/4 tsp Ajinomoto

2 tsp Cornflour

1/4 cup Milk

1/4 tsp Soy Sauce

1/tsp Pepper Powder

1/4 tsp Vinegar

1 tsp chopped Celery



Mix cornflour in milk.

Boil the cabbage in a pan and cook until it becomes soft Drain the water out.

Boil the chicken with salt another pan, keep it on low flame.

Strain and keep the cabbage and and chicken in different reserves. Remove the meat from the bones.

Mix together cabbage,chicken pieces, vinegar, pepper powder, soy sauce, cornflour mixture, and ajinomoto until a perfect blend.

Stir it occasionally on low flame.

Serve it hold after topping it with celery leaves