Recipe: Chicken escalope

Enjoy chicken breast stuffed with Cheese and ham served with tomato sauce and assorted vegetables.


Chicken breast 02 no
Cheese slice 10 gm
Perma ham slice 08 gm
Bell peppers red 05 gm
Bell peppers yellow 05 gm
Brocoli 05 gm
mushroom 05 gm
Zucchini yellow 05 gm
Asparagus 05 gm
Tomato 05 gm
Tomato puree 15 ml
Fresh basil 05 gm
Chopped garlic 05 gm
Olive oil 10 ml
Seasonning - Salt& Pepper To taste


Clean two chicken bresst and slit in the middle
Cut all vegetable in 1’’*1.5’’ rectangle shape and grill in griddle plate
Marinated the chicken breast with salt pepper
Put cheese slice and parma hamslice in the middle of chicken breast like s/w
Cook the chicken on a griddle plate for both side and cut into two pecies
For the tomato sauce- add oil in sauce pan saute chopped garlic for 2 minutes,add dices
tomato and tomato puree
Cook tomato for onother 10 minutes and adjust with seasoning
Arrange the vegetable in center in the plate
Put chicken on the vegetable and pour sauce on the top.
Saffrom risotto with lamb ragout